Lives Matter Rally Scheduled For Lafayette Saturday
"We will meet near Target on Ambassador Caffery and march *towards* the Mall of Acadiana--we'll announce the ending demonstration to honor those whose lives have been negatively affected by the gross misconduct of officers the day of the event."
Protest Video – Pregnant Mom Battles Government Red Tape
Kerri Smith is a first time pregnant mother who found a solution to her sleepless nights.  Smith came up with a brilliant solution and figured she could help others and make a profit as well....and that's where she ran into trouble!
Smith cut a pillow in half and sewed a piece of cloth betw…
Gingrich Protests Florida Results
Word has come out that Newt Gingrich has decided to challenge the results in the Florida Primary.  He is not challenging that he came in second, but he is challenging the fact that Florida is winner take all.  His campaign believes that the delegates that were awarded in Florida should hav…
SOPA, the Online Protests and Free Speech
The blackout started today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act.  The bill itself is supposed to protect copyright content that is often pirated over the internet.
Opponents of the bill say that it will stifle free speech and make search engines liable for the sites that do this type of thing..…

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