Five Odd Scholarships For Your Senior To Apply For!
My son is a high school senior, and my stomach lurched when the Louisiana legislature essentially laid waste to the TOPS program. Like many parents, I am searching for alternate ways to pay for college. His guidance counselor gave us the link to a nifty website featuring several odd scholarships I d…
Ten Percent Increase On The Edge Of Tone Deaf
The UL System announced that they are increasing tuition by a measure of ten percent.  That means that things will be seeing a big increase for people in the area that want to get a better education.
Locally, UL is a fine school and educates people in all sorts of fields...
Governor’s Proposed Budget
Governor Bobby Jindal proposed budget is asking for 98-million-dollars in new tuition and fee hikes for higher education to make up for a 290-million-dollar loss in federal funding.