Some kids just have all the luck.

A young basketball fan from Australia got an awesome surprise after his father posted some of the young gun's artwork of a certain avian team out of the Big Easy.

The thread contains art of a bunch of Pels players, and gotta admit, the kid's pretty good. I particularly appreciate the shading on Dyson Daniels' face and the racing stripes on the Alvarado piece.

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The Aussie artist got a bunch of positive feedback from around the Pels fanbase and team.

The plot thickened after the artwork was seen by Larry Nance, Jr. He decided to send the young man a gift.

That's classic Larry Nance, Jr. stuff, but it's awesome to see that Nance's well-documented generosity extends beyond just NOLA and even beyond the US.

International fans are becoming more common, and more important, as the world gets smaller and the NBA's reach expands.

The kid also has a great Fortnite-based happy dance. Electric stuff.

The jersey arrived today after surely having to deal with that pesky overseas shipping time. The artistic fan even threw up the deuces to take his picture with the gift.

Nance was glad the package arrived, and left the father and son with one final note about the double deuces.

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