Which school kids are most vulnerable to bullying?

Simple - the ones who eat lunch alone. That tells bullies they don't have the support of friends. They're like predatory animals, looking for the easiest target.

Natalie Hampton knows that all too well. She ate lunch alone all through 7th grade. That made her a target. Natalie is now a junior at a different school, and enjoys a good social life.

The 16-year-old hasn't forgotten, though.

She's turned her bad experiences into a way to help other kids avoid bullying. Natalie developed an app called "Sit With Us."  It's designed to help kids find people to sit with, and avoid rejection.

Kids can also sign up to be "ambassadors," offering invitations for kids to join them.

The Huffington Post reports research conducted by Rutgers, Yale & Princeton Universities indicates "Cool kids" standing up to bullying has a significant impact.

When I heard of this, I felt compelled to pass it on. I've enjoyed sharing it with you.