(Austin, Texas) - For the first time in Texas history, the Department of State Health Services has issued a warning that avian flu has been detected in a resident of the Lone Star State. According to this Washington Post article, this is just the second time in known United States history that a human has caught what is commonly known as bird flu.

Bird flu is generally transmitted via migratory birds, and has been known to pop up from time to time in the populations of other animals, particularly mammals. Recently, 3 different dairy farms in Texas reported they had an outbreak within their cattle, and that was the first known diagnosis in cows.

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Texas and Kansas dairy herds were the first to report bird flu within their livestock, but now cases have been reported in an additional five states.

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Killer Virus Now Spreading In Texas

It is still unknown if the cows are able to pass the flu amongst themselves, but now that a human also has it following close contact and working with infected cattle, new health warnings are being issued. The Centers for Disease Control still maintain that the overall risk to humans is very low, but at least one person is known to have died from contracting the virus.

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The spread of the virus from human to human is still not shown to have occurred, but viruses are constantly mutating and evolving. Like all illnesses, it is wise to take them seriously, and seek treatment when necessary.

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