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In August of last year, the North Texas town of Grand Prairie was on high alert.  Authorities reported that venomous King Cobra was on the loose.  Although the potentially deadly reptile was never found, authorities have arrested the person they believe is responsible for freeing this menace.

Grand Prairie, Texas Police Turned to Facebook to Warn Residents About This Cobra

Officials with the Grand Prairie Police Department turned to social media in order to warn the general public of this slithering danger that could be lurking around their homes.  Unfortunately, the highly-venomous cobra has not been seen sense gaining its freedom.

Lawrence Matl - Via GPPD
Lawrence Matl - Via GPPD

The Owner of the Escaped Cobra Told Texas Police There Was a Problem With the Cage

According to a report from KSAT, 23-year-old Lawrence Matl was the legal owner of the West African Banded Cobra snake in question - he even had a permit issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  Back on August 3rd of 2021, Matl told authorities that his cobra had escaped due to a “caging malfunction.”  Apparently, that was not a good enough excuse to keep the Grand Prairie, Texas man out of trouble.

Tolba Family Rears Snakes Outside Cairo
Photo by Salah Malkawi/Getty Images

Grand Prairie, Texas Police Arrested Lawrence Matl for Releasing His Cobra

On Sunday, February 13th, Grand Prairie Police obtained a warrant and  arrested Lawrence Matl and have charged him with a misdemeanor for the "illegal discharge of a certain type of snake." The report from the Dallas Observer says that he is currently sitting in a detention center on a $10,000 bond.  If convicted, Matl is facing up to a year in the slammer and a $4,000 fine.

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