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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been very busy lately pumping out tons of information and guidelines to help keep us safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.  A new guideline from the CDC is warning pet owners to exercise extreme caution.

While there has been only one reported case of the virus being transmitted from a human to a dog (and the evidence reported in the New York Post is a little shaky), experts are cautioning those infected with COVID-19 to refrain from overzealous displays of affection with your pet.

Here's why:  If you are a pet owner who enjoys giving and receiving "kisses" from your furry companion, you could be turning your beloved pooch into a biological weapon capable of luring in new victims with his or her cuteness.  Since the Coronavirus is so hardy, it could live on your pets fur or in and around its mouth long after your infected smooch.  If someone else gives your furry family member a kiss - presto!  Coronavirus for everyone!

If you happen to catch this highly contagious virus, experts at the CDC recommend you find a family member to care for your pet.  If that's not possible, it would definitely be a good time to stop letting your dog stick its tongue in your mouth.

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