Don't look now, but Republicans have tolerance issues.  Want to know how?  It is quite simple to Joel Benenson, pollster for President Obama's campaign for re-election.  He says that the issue of Republicans and the Latino vote is one of tolerance.  He says that Republicans simply have no tolerance for anyone different than they are that stray from what the party thinks about things.

Have I missed something?  Isn't this from someone with the same Democratic Party that shuns anyone that believes other than Pro-Choice?  Isn't this the same party that would love my vote, but would not love to hear about my beliefs?  Is this not the same party that said "no" to God at their own convention this year?  And they are now telling Republicans that they have a problem with tolerance?

I have no doubt that there are those on the Republican side that will not tolerate those that do not share their beliefs, but as we have seen, this is also true on the Democratic side of the aisle.  The issue of attracting the Latino voter is not so simple as to say that the GOP just doesn't like people that aren't white.  That is beyond insulting and lumps so many people, including people like Marco Rubio, into a group that is intolerant of Latinos.  Anyone else think this is ridiculous yet?

There are issues on the Republican side that will be addressed before the next election.  There are also issues on the left that will not be addressed because they think that things are fine.  We need to remember that all of this is simply about who people voted for.  For a small minority, it is about what race you are or aren't.  For most of us, it is about who you trust more in the arena of ideas.  For me, that has nothing to do with race, color, creed or any other thing that you can do to categorize people with and instead has everything to do with what ideas you have that correspond with my thoughts on issues of the day.  That is what we all need to focus on.  Bottom line and end of story.

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