The last few days of January and the first couple of days of February of this year have been basically washed from my memory. The reason? A flu-like illness that invaded my body and gave me a reason to have a hallucinogenic conversation with the late Johnny Cash. 

That's right my fever got so high that my wife told me I was having a chat with the "Man in Black" one evening during the height of my illness. Well as bad as the body aches and pains have been there has been one lingering effect of the "not flu" that has really made me mad.

The high fever and virus infiltration has affected my taste buds. How badly are they affected? Bacon tastes bad. Let that sink in for a second. What kind of hellish organism would dare make bacon a bad thing?

I am told that changes in taste following high fevers and illness are not uncommon and most of the time things do return to normal. I just hope I can last because not only does bacon taste bad. So does coffee and King Cake too.

In fact, I am a normal four to five cup a day coffee drinker, following the "not flu" I have had maybe three cups in total. Yes, the headaches caused by the lack of caffeine are deafening.

The only things that taste decent to me right now are fruits like strawberries, oranges, and blueberries. I have probably had more fruit in the past two weeks than I have had in the past two years.

I guess my cautionary tale to you is this. Be careful if you start feeling bad. Don't rely on the walk-in clinic to get the diagnosis spot on with these "not flu" viruses. They can swab for flu but after that, they could be just guessing and you could get less than great information to help you survive your symptoms.

By the way, Johnny Cash says all is well with him and June and yes the Saints got screwed by the NFL. Johnny did say to tell Saints fans not to worry as he has it on good authority that the big guy, an obvious Saints fan, has next year already taken care of.


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