LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - When it comes to the names of streets, roads, lanes, and circles, we have our fair share of unique and interesting ones in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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It amazes me just how many of these roadways we have in the Hub City. And I'm not just talking about the ones that are hard for outsiders to pronounce such as Rue Du Belier or for locals to say correctly such as Verot School Road. As someone who has worked in radio for the past 16 years and has given out hundreds of traffic reports, I'll admit that there have been some street names that have left me perplexed in how to pronounce them.

Couyon Lane, google maps
Couyon Lane, google maps

Speaking of traffic reports, I mentioned a crash the other day on a street called Couyon Lane, which intersects with Kaliste Saloom Road. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised since many of us often use that Cajun French term to refer to someone who is acting crazy.

I decided to ask listeners to submit the most interesting street names that they know are in Lafayette. In one of the responses, someone made it clear the French influence actually gets on his nerves.

Christopher: "I hate all of the French names. It's hard to remember how to spell them in my GPS. I'm assuming Oak Street, and Second Avenue, and street names like those were all taken, huh?"

The other responses did not disappoint, as some people felt the need to leave funny comments with their street submissions.

The Most Interesting Street Names in Lafayette, Louisiana

The History Behind Lafayette's Street Names

We drive them on a daily basis. Some are smoother than others. Some we use more frequently than others. Some randomly start, end, and/or change names. They're the streets of Lafayette. The names behind many of these streets have interesting histories. We take a look at where those names come from and the impact their namesakes have had on the city and the parish.

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