The number of people losing their lives in fatal traffic crashes is decreasing.  All these positive numbers are in light of the fact that the amount of time spent driving is actually on the rise.  What are the numbers showing?The numbers show that the amount of people dying in traffic related crashes have hit an all-time low even though there are more people taking to our roadways.   The latest information from the Federal Transportation Department shows that even though we are out and about more, the number of people losing their lives due to fatal crashes is going down.    

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says there were 32-thousand-788 road deaths in our country last year.    Those numbers show a decrease of three percent from the prior year, and it's acutally the lowest number they have on record since the year of 1949. 

The numbers show, on average, that one person dies for every 100-million miles traveled in our country. The decrease in fatalities occurred even though Americans drove an additional 20-and-a-half-billion miles last year.

The numbers come from inforation given out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   They have not yet provided information on which areas saw declines, like whether or not there was a decrease in the amount of drinking and driving fatal crashes.

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