We have all heard the popular saying "if he drives a big truck he's compensating for something". Personally I don't have any experience with a guy in a big truck so I can't report back with my findings from the battlefield, but I can tell you that many of my girlfriends claim this saying to be true. Can we really tell a lot about a person when it comes to their cars? What about a cheating spouse?

Ashley Madison a company that is known to aide thousands of adulterers released some information that has many of us scratching our heads. Before we go into these numbers you need to know, this is not in any way a scientific method for finding out if you're being cheated on. So please don't barge in on your significant other with this article and use it as proof that they are cheating. We are just using numbers that Ashley Madison leaked. Of course, if you're on the Ashley Madison website you are very much looking for an affair, don't get conned into "I was just scrolling through and checking it out".

"Cheaters are regular people. They're Dick and Jane Smith. "Cars can represent a lifestyle, denote financial success and show personality but our survey clearly proves that people having affairs are everyday people," Noel Biderman, AshleyMadison.com's CEO.

AshleyMadison.com got the info of 3,600 of its users. A total of 2,520 men and 1,080 women in the US answered with the type of car that they drive. Why is this information so sad? The results prove what the CEO of Ashley Madison has been saying all along. Those who cheat are just regular people. It's not the guy in the Porche having an affair most of the time, it's the guy in a 4Runner or the chick driving a Honda Accord.

Check out the full breakdown of cars that cheaters drive:

Justin Sullivan Getty Images
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

1. Toyota (20.9%)
2. Ford (12.3%)
3. Chevy (10.2%)
4. Honda (7.1%)
5. BMW (6.4%)

Thananuwat Srirasant Getty Images
Thananuwat Srirasant Getty Images

1. Honda (22.3%)
2. Ford (13.4%)
3. Toyota (10.3%)
4. Chevy (7.3%)
5. Mercedes (6.6%)

It is worth noting that BMW did break the top 5 for men and Mercedes broke the top 5 for women. But the vast majority of cheaters are driving Toyota's, Ford's and Honda's.

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