Romance, it seems so elegant. However there is a trashy truth about romance you might not believe. What is the most romantic day of the year? If you said Valentine's Day you'd be wrong. According to a study by the website cupid and his tiny bow and arrows to the heart only rank third in the romance department.

Summer vacation show up as the number two romantic time to share. The number one romantic day in the lives of those surveyed? Anniversary. That is why it is so important to never forget that special day.

So what does all of this have to do with trash? Are we supposed to be trashy on our anniversaries? If that works for you sure why not. I know at my house taking the trash out is looked upon with great favor by the female leader of our tribe.

According to the same survey on Zoosk taking the trash out with out being prompted to do so was the third most romantic act a man could perform. When you consider taking out the trash came in third behind a hug and kiss and a candlelit dinner it's almost the least you can do , literally, to get some romance in your life.

What do you consider to be romantic? Is it doing a chore around the house? Is it a little note left on a pillow or inside a purse? Is picking up the piles of dog poop in the living room before company comes over? We'd love to know your thoughts on romance and what keeps your heart beating fast for the one that you love the the most.