Finally! We confess that most of us weren't affected in the slightest by DISH's decision to drop AMC over its billion dollar lawsuit, though we were certainly tired of hearing every single AMC promo in existence punctuated by "Not Available On DISH." Seriously, we've had jilted relationships that didn't complain that much. But for now it seems that AMC and DISH's beef has been settled, meaning DISH subscribers can finally get their 'Walking Dead' on. But at what cost?

It's a wonderful day for DISH subscribers and AMC viewers alike, as the long-running feud has finally been settled. The conflict began this past August when DISH terminated AMC's Voom HD Network in 2008, only for AMC to seek $2.4 billion in damages over the termination. Dish claims it was within its right to cancel the Voom deal based on a contractual clause requiring Cablevision/AMC to invest $100 million per year on the channel, though both parties disagreed over how the money was allocated.

Under the new deal, AMC, IFC, Sundance and WET will return to DISH, atop a $700 million settlement to Cablevision. “We are glad to have settled the case and reestablished our long-term relationships with AMC Networks and Cablevision,” said DISH Senior Vice President of Programming Dave Shull. “This multi-year deal delivers a fair value for both parties and includes digital expansion opportunities for AMC Networks’ programming.”

So, there you have it. DISH subscribers get back their 'Walking Dead' just in time to continue the season, and we finally get to stop hearing about it. Celebrate our victory in the comments!