Our Wingin' It Wednesday panelists--Carol Ross, Warren Caudle and Stafford Barnett-- tackled a number of hot topics this morning..

  • Today is the school walkout planned across the country and Lafayette Parish is caught in the crosshairs. After first announcing it would facilitate the walkout, the school board voted to allow a moment of silence. Some say this could be a constitutional issue, but should such constitutional protections apply on grade school campuses?
  • Secretary of State Tom Schedler remains out of the public eye after harassment lawsuit. Governor's office says he's likely deciding with family and the department about how to move forward. In light of all the recent allegations in different industries, can he go on as the SOS?
  • In Louisiana's Regular Legislative Session, lawmakers take a rare look at gaming in the state as a way to shore up the budget gap. Back in 2016, we learned the state did not actually collect from gaming companies as it should. What reforms are needed in the way of gaming profits and funding in the state?
  • Newly released numbers show the drop-off in film projects in Louisiana after the tax credits expired. The most surprising detail was not so much the money spent locally, but the number of jobs. Should this again be a topic of conversation at the capital.

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