I admit lately I have written a number of opinion pieces critical of the President and the First Lady.  It's not that I feel a need to target them but they continue to thumb their noses at the American people and it really upsets me.

Forgetting about all the other topics this one stands on it's on.  In a speech earlier this week about healthcare to a group of women Mr. Obama said,

"I wanna make sure when she's working she is paid the same as men.  I gotta say right now First Ladies don't.  Even though that's tough job."

What!  This man even for a moment implying that the First Lady should get paid is nuts when hundreds of thousands of American men and women are out of work and can't feed their families.  The President's salary is $400,000 plus $50,000 for yearly expenses and I bet you he never has to dip into that $400,000 to pay for anything.  The President seems to forget that this is America and not England.  We did not (me certainly) elect a king and a queen.  A President was elected and his wife by virtue of marriage is allowed to live in our government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  True, the Queen of England is paid but that is England and her position has not been done away with.  Mrs. Obama has personal staff of 24 including a 'fashion advisor'.  At one time the nation was shocked to hear that Jackie Kennedy had a personal secretary.  Other first ladies did have staff including Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton but they had 18 and 19 respectively and those numbers upset me also.  Mrs. Obama has her own Secret Service detail to protect her, which I'm fine with but should she be paid for wearing expensive clothing donated to her by fashionista designers while many in America can't afford coats for their children in winter?  I think not!

Mr. Obama made his comment with a straight face and got a huge laugh from a very polite partisan audience.  It seems like he spoke off the cuff without a glance at his teleprompter and then he froze for a moment...you know that feeling, like you just realized you stepped in something that smells.  The President then digressed to talk about his mother dying of cancer because of her lack of healthcare.

I personally hope Mr. Obama and his giant ego drift from the printed drivel on his teleprompter and talks himself out of office.  This man and his wife have no shame.  They don't care what they say and they will say anything to get re-elected.  This is the same man that told Russian President Vlamir Putin to wait until after his re-election to see what he could do.  God help us if this man and his imaginary queen get another four years in our government subsidized housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.