I have some very personal reasons why I choose to spend some of my hard earned dollars at Target. One of the biggest reasons is their support of St. Jude Hospital. I appreciate what they do for others through their corporate altruism. Their gifts to St. Jude have probably saved more lives than we will ever be made aware of, so thank you Target.

Target stores also seem to always be more friendly and easier for me to negotiate the aisles. I also think the prettier women shop at Target so I like to browse that selection too while I am looking for the items on my list.

However, if Target really wanted all of my money they would make this commercial come true. I can see grown men pushing other grown me around in shopping carts with open cases of beer shooting Nerf balls at signs near the great big brassieres. You know those bras right? The ones you always stop and wonder is that a bra or a bowling bag?

Regardless, I would leave the kids at home and have this Target experience for myself if only Target would make it happen. Maybe they could afford to do this in every store if they used the more efficient and highly target radio advertising than all that money they spend advertising on bad television shows. It's just a suggestion.