Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today from the far right side of Fox News Headquarters in New York City and said when he opened his pay envelope it drove him straight to drink!  According to Starnes,

I took a look inside the envelope and I took a big 'ol swig of my Baptist martini.  For all you Lutherans out there that's a Diet Coke with a twist of lemon.  I'm warning everybody to sit down before looking at their paycheck today.

In regards to payroll taxes Starnes said,

Keep in mind our lawmakers said they saved us from the fiscal cliff because our taxes would go up considerably what they didn't tell us that payroll taxes would go up.  We were paying 4.2% but that has gone up to 6.2% effective immediately.

The interview contains a lot of other valuable and sometimes hilarious insights.  Listen to the interview: