Tolson Frantzen, a junior at ESA, is celebrating an accomplishment that you don't see everyday—a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

According to KATC's Kendria LaFleur, not only did Frantzen hit the mark, but he did it on his first try.

I thought my first time taking the test would be rough. While taking the test I thought it was rather difficult at the time and I didn't expect to do that well

So how rare is a perfect score on the ACT?

It's a test that more than 60% of college bound will take but, according to the numbers, less than 1% score a perfect 36.

Frantzen's teachers describe him as "focused," "disciplined," and "very smart." His advice to fellow students: "Work hard."

The ESA junior believes the first step is believing in yourself and the second step is having the discipline to practice for the task at hand.

I don't believe that anyone has a limit. I don't think that anyone should say that they are not capable of making it.

Congrats on the perfect score, Tolson!

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