Former Ragin’ Cajun pitcher Phil Devey has put together a "players-only" group to fund a statue of the late Tony Robichaux to be placed outside Russo Park.

The player's commission broke ground for the project Tuesday (01/21/2020) according to

Devey tells Kevin Foote from -

"The hardest thing when something like that happens is sitting around feeling useless and feeling like you want to do something, but at the end of the day what can you do besides being supportive of the family?"

Devey says the biggest struggle with the idea of immortalizing Coach Robe with a statue is that everyone knows Coach wouldn't have wanted any sort of glorification.

Still, Devey knew it had to be done, he just needed to figure out the right way to do it.

"The Robichaux’ family agreed the only way the project would meet coach Robe's approval is if the entire project was funded by his former players."

That's when Devey put together the "players-only" group to get everything started.

The Tony Robichaux memorial statue is being created at the Brian Hanson Sculpture Studio in New Jersey. The statue of Tony Robichaux will be available for public viewing Feb. 15th for the opening weekend of UL’s 2020 baseball season.

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