The Obama Administration does like to travel.  That has been made clear in the recent trip of the President to the Middle East, but also by a recent trek made by Vice President Joe Biden.

Hyatt Regency London
Hyatt Regency London (

According to sources, the Vice President ran up quite the hotel tab in London and Paris.  When he visited London, he rang up a bill for $459,388.65.  That is made up of 136 hotel rooms for 893 room nights at the 5 star Hyatt Regency London The Churchill Hotel.  Breaking that down, that ran the government around $500 per night per room.



Intercontinental Paris Le Grand
Intercontinental Paris Le Grand (

Before you get upset about that, it gets even better.  The Vice President also went and spent time in Paris and needed some rooms there.  Now his stay was only for one night, so you would imagine that his bill would be a good bit lower.  Think again!  His bill in Paris at the 5 star Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand for a one night stay ran the government $585,000.50.

Let's see.  For Joe Biden just to go and trip over his own tongue in Europe and stay for a little while, it ran the government a tab of nearly $1 million just for the hotel rooms.  Let that sink in for a while.  That doesn't include the amount of money that it takes to fly Air Force 2 "across the pond" to visit London and Paris.  That includes a significant amount of money just to get the Vice President there.

This administration clearly has no concept of the idea that taxpayers are paying for them to jet around the globe.  While I would not argue with the idea of sending the Vice President from time to time on trips that are necessary, I do have to wonder how necessary it is to spend nearly $1 million just on hotels.  I understand that security is important and that takes more than just a couple of rooms, but do you really need that much space Mr. Biden?

While we get preached at that this sequester is so difficult to deal with and how we need to make sure that we spend our money wisely, they go out on globetrotting tours like this one.  Thanks Mr. Biden for such a great example of how not to spend taxpayer dollars.  Do you think that next time, you might be able to demonstrate that by not actually spending the money?  Given that we have such a spending problem in this country, I think we could do the bottom line a whole world of good just by staying home.

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