[Updated as of 10 AM 09/28/2016]

Tropical Storm Matthew has formed in the tropical Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center issued the first advisory on the storm during their 10 AM advisory.


It is very likely that by this time tomorrow weather forecasters will be discussing a tropical entity known as Matthew. That is if the tropical forecasts are correct on their timing. As of early this morning, the 2 AM advisory, a very strong tropical wave was pushing westward out of the western Atlantic Ocean and near the Leeward Islands.

This system is expected to gain strength during the day today and it could get stronger over time as it moves into the very warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Hurricane Hunter aircraft determined the wave did have a closed circulation and sustained winds just below the 39 mph threshold needed to be designated as Tropical Storm Julia.

Most of the reliable tropical forecast models do suggest the system will continue its westward track over the next several days into the Caribbean. After about three days is where the models begin to disagree. While almost all of the models show the system taking a northerly turn just when and how abrupt that turn will be continues to be the conundrum.

As for the Louisiana coastline the storm is not a threat at this time, nor would it be a threat for at least another week or so. In fact most forecasters don't think Louisiana will see any affect at all from this system. We will continue to maintain a vigil on the system until we can be absolutely sure you and your family will not be affected. .