The Transportation Security Administration is expecting 97 million more passengers to fly to and from U.S. airport this year over totals from three years ago.

With that increase, the TSA is predicting long--really long--wait times at airports' security screening checkpoints.

To aid in this crisis, TSA Administrator Peter V. Neffenger has authorized hiring several hundred new screeners, paying overtime to existing screeners and upgrading part-time screeners to full-time positions. But even with all this, little relief is expected.

Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern told KPEL's Rob and Bernie that those fixes are all short-term solutions.

Fox News Radios Jared Halpern (Facebook Photo)

He said long-term fixes will have to involve with airlines, airports and local law enforcement.

Halpern reported some talks have surfaced about possibly limiting carry-on bags.

He recommends the TSA Pre-Check program. He said this program, best suited for frequent flyers, costs about $85, and will allow you to skip steps at the security check lines. Pre-Check enrollees are not required to take off shoes, belts or light coats and/or pull laptops out of their carry-ons. Also, if you are flying with children, the Pre-Check privileges apply to them as well.

The program requires a government background check. It’s available at more than 160 airports with 12 participating airlines. To read more about TSA Pre-Check, click here.