People on social media love to get up in the business of some of the biggest names in college coaching. Mainly because characters like LSU's Ed Orgeron and Alabama's Nick Saban tend to lend themselves to caricatures quite nicely. Orgeron's unique south Louisiana accent and gravely "Geaux Tigahs" has been parodied often around the college football world but as far as Coach Saban goes, you have to dig a little deeper.

Nick Saban has no particularly prominent physical features. He's just a regular looking guy. What sets Coach Saban apart is what comes out of his mouth. While he is not known for getting too animated on topics that could affect his football team. If you've ever watched one of his press conferences you can see "the Coach" will get a little sideways when pressed.

It was this aspect of Coach Saban's personality that first caught the attention of Twitter user Joey Mulinaro back in 2019. This Tweet of Nick Saban discussing side dishes at Thanksgiving went viral.

As you can see in the Saban household there is no room for favoritism on either side of the side dishes.

Now, fast forward to this past Saturday night. Our Twitter buddy @JoeyMulinaro is at it again. This time providing the parody comments of Coach Saban answering the door for trick or treaters.

Okay, the look may not be spot on but the mannerisms, the voice inflection, and the understated rage certainly come through in the spoof of the Alabama head coach.

By the way, Coach Saban wasn't really at home on Halloween night his team, the University of Alabama was too busty whipping the doormats of the Southeastern Conference Western Division, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The final score in that game was 41 to nothing in favor of the Crimson Tide.

So, who was that team that beat LSU to open the season this year? Couldn't have been that bunch from State. They suck even by Mississippi standards. By the way LSU will host Alabama a week from this Saturday. The game is set for Tiger Stadium on November 14th.

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