All of us along the gulf coast should be prepared by now for hurricane season and with the tropics heating up, the governor's office has released what you need to have in your hurricane preparedness kit.

Yes, we are still in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and with the threat of hurricanes or tropical storms approaching there may be a few more things you need to add to your kit.

Gov. Edwards Tweeted out a photo of things that you should have in your 2020 Hurricane Preparedness Kit and I couldn't help but notice that his office has included masks and hand sanitizer.

In the event you have to relocate during a storm you will most certainly want to have access to these news items, along with others.

So note here, if you have your kit ready in your home, please make sure you've updated it with some of the necessities, while still in this pandemic.

I want to also remind you to download our station app now if you have not already. During the time of a storm, a lot of important information may be coming your way and the best way to stay informed is through our mobile app.

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