Alexander Hill, also know as the 'Real Deal' was captured in Buffalo.  The US Marshal's Service says Hill was spotted at a homeless shelter in Buffalo, New York.

It had been a year since four Virginia family members were found murdered and the suspect in the case, was on the run.

Marshals say Hill was going by the name Trent Dales, and the man resisted efforts to fingerprint him.  Once that was done, officials knew they had their man.

Tips had been received that Hill might have fled to Louisiana,  Virginia, Mississippi or Arizona.

Easter weekend 2014 two of the family members were killed by assault and two other family members died in a house fire allegedly set by Hill. Killed were 67 year old Pauline Wilkins, 46 year old Vicki Chavis-Ansar, 22 year old Tanique Chavis and 2 year old Delvair Chavis.