Congressman Ralph Abraham only has $21,000 in his reelection war chest, sparking speculation he’s considering not running again this year.

ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says that’s a remarkably low number.

“However, given his immense popularity in northeast Louisiana, it would not be hard for him to raise money for a congressional campaign,” says Stockley.

Abraham ran in 1st place during last year’s gubernatorial primary within his congressional district.

One item that may be holding Abraham back from running for a fourth term is a campaign promise he made not to serve more than three terms. However, that’s generally not a big deal.

“It’s no unusual for Congressmen to make limits or pledges that they only serve for so long and break that pledge, voters are usually forgiving for that type of pledge,” says Stockley.

Stockley notes that would be two pledges broken if so, the other being a promise to donate his congressional salary to charity.

If Abraham were to sit it out there’s no real fear by the GOP the seat could go blue, but Stockley says it would attract massive interest from Republicans.

“It’s not often vacancies come open, particularly in a state with as few congressmen as Louisiana, so I think you would see a large, crowded wide-open Republican field,” says Stockley.

Republican Ouachita Parish Police Juror Scotty Robinson and Democrat Sandy “Candy” Christophe are raising money for a possible campaign, but neither has over $20,000 on hand.

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