A group of Republican US Senators will head to Russia this week, including Louisiana's John Kennedy. Kennedy says he wants to establish some rapport with high-ranking government officials and he hopes one of those meetings with include Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We will probably talk about trade and I want to see and I know the other Senators do as well, we are anxious to learn more about the Russian economy," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says he's heard the Russian economy is in shambles, because they are spending their money on Syria and weaponry.
The senator says that there will be a trip of diplomacy as he plans to discuss interests shared by both nations.

"Russia and US relations... they are strained.  We need to talk about our common interest, but also our common problems," proclaims the US Senator.

Kennedy says he also intends to discuss the allegations of election interference through social media, a claim that he says Russia denies.

"We know they are not telling the truth, we will let them know that we know they are not telling the truth, and we'll explain to Russia why they need to stop it."

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