A popular Oregon beach rock formation known as "Duckbill" was destroyed by a group of vandals and it was all caught on cellphone video.

At first, officials thought Mother Nature was to blame, until they saw video of a group of visitors pushing the formation until it crashed to the ground. David Kalas shot the video on August 29 saying that he was with friend when he noticed a group of eight people "came out of nowhere" and started pushing on the rock.

According to Kalas, the majority of the group eventually gave up but a few of the vandals stuck around after they noticed a crack. Kalas said he started recording when he noticed the rock structure "wobbling."

After the group pushed it over, Kalas confronted the group who told him they believed the rock formation was a safety hazard destroyed it out of revenge for a friend who broke his leg on it.

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department said it takes vandalism serious and will review the incident.

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