The goal of a research class at North Vermilion Middle School is to let students decide what they will research and learn about.

Well Mrs. Lauren Dartez's Project Based Learning class did just that.

Dartez tells KPEL that the students decided which topic they wanted to research, they conducted surveys, and then they brought their findings together as part of a final project.

The students in Dartez's class at North Vermilion Middle School decided they wanted to know about vaping, the effects it has on the body and how many students in both their school and a local high school are vaping.

The students learned plenty, and many changed their minds about something a full third of them thought was harmless.

One aspect that Rob and I found very interesting were the many ways in which students hide their vaping at school.

They will hide their vaping device inside of a Sharpe, a highlighter or even behind their ID.