Yesterday Senator David Vitter joined 'Go Acadiana' to discuss the Senate blockage of a vote that would have funded 27 VA clinics including two in Louisiana.

Even though it seemed that Senator Vitter's bill that would have funded VA clinics nationwide would pass unanimously a vote was blocked by Senator Bernie Sanders. According to Senator Vitter,

It's frustrating. I spent a lot of time clearing all of the hurdles and all issues specific to the VA clinics bill and I came up with a spending offset, I cleared several Republican issues and then Bernie Sanders blocked it today. Having nothing to do with the clinics issue, having nothing to do within the four corners of the bill but simply because his much larger veteran's bill which a lot of folks have broad based concerns about...Didn't pass last week.

Vitter went on to say,

So, it's very frustrating to essentially have this non-controversial veteran's bill taken hostage over fights that are veterans related but having nothing to do with the clinics.

When asked what the next step might be Senator Vitter said,

I'm going to keep going to the floor on a regular basis to ask for that same unanimous consent that we move forward and pass this bill so he's going to have to come down to the floor again and over again to say he's all for the bill but he objects.

You can hear the entire interview by clicking the blue arrow below: