Officials with Louisiana State Police are sending out a warning about calls that are being made to people asking for money and these scoundrels are pretending they are from State Police.

It seems like there is always someone creeping around trying to get a hold of our money and our identities.

These people are looking to get you to give you money. They will ask for your personal information. They may attempt to do both. These scammers may even make it appear on your phone that they are calling from Louisiana State Police.

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If you get a call from anyone claiming they are a member of law enforcement, and they want your money, don't give in to their wants and demands.

Louisiana State Police officials urge people to remember they are not going to call you and ask for these things.

One of the biggest pieces of advice from Louisiana State Police officials is for everyone to guard your personal information and your money no matter who says they are calling you. It could be anyone on the other end of the line.

Members of LSP law enforcement are not ever going to call you asking for money over the phone even if the caller is claiming they are asking for a donation for a charity or a person in need.

It is not the first time that Louisiana State Police and other law enforcement groups in our state have had to issue warnings about scammers calling people wanting information and money.

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What Should I Do If This Happens or Has Already Happened?

If someone tries to do this to you, Louisiana State Police officials would like you to report this to them by calling 225-925-4192.

If you prefer, you can visit You can type in the information after clicking on the "Report Suspicious Activity" tab.

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