The House Health and Welfare Committee gives its approval of a bill that calls for the random drug-testing of some welfare recipients. Metairie Representative John LaBruzzo says he's trying to get individuals off drugs, especially those who may have children. This is the fifth time LaBruzzo has brought this bill before the state legislature. He says his legislation is not just a drug screening program, but it will also provide drug treatment, especially for those single parents who might have a drug problem. The legislation heads to the House floor, despite concerns the proposed law might not be consitutional. (A federal appeals court struck down a similar law passed in Michigan.) State office of Behavioral Health Medical Director Rochelle Head Dunham testified that Labruzzo's bill is redundant and questioned whether it
was a good use of taxplayer dollars. She says there's a drug screening program already in place to identify those welfare applicants who might have drug problems.