Since the 2012 Presidential election ended, Groups in over 30 states have petitioned the White House to let them peacefully secede from the Union, and Louisiana is one of them.

So what is the chance that these petitions will lead to actual secession? McNeese State University Politics & Government professor Henry Sirgo says angry voters have the right to file the petitions, as a way to voice their complaint with the government:

People can do whatever they want to do with their time. So, if they enjoy getting petitions have the First Amendment, so they can certainly do it.

Dr. Sirgo says a two-thirds majority of Congress would have to vote approval of a state leaving the Union, and that's - frankly - not going to happen. Sirgo says even if a GOP-controlled House approved a secession, that's as far as it would go:

I don't anticipate that you're going to have two-thirds of the United States so.

Sirgo says citizens are within their rights to petition for anything they wish, regardless of whether it could actually happen.