(AP)The White House and President Joe Biden celebrated 2022 Pride Month which kicks off in June and honors the LGBTQI+ community today by lighting up the White House in rainbow LGBTQI+ colors. The social media discussions are intense, to say the least.

In a Facebook post from our news partners KATC, many in the Acadiana community are wondering why the White House wasn't showing its red, white and blue colors yesterday for Memorial Day.

KATC Twitter Post

Yesterday should have been lit red, white and blue!!! Now that is something to be proud of and honored!!! -Gloria P.

That folks shows how F'd up this Administration is. -Theresa K.

Meanwhile blacks are leaving white House in large numbers claiming it a racist environment -Michael C.

Why, by highlighting the fact that all Americans are not treated the same and proclaiming that they should be? -Paul Gibson

The Biden administration says celebrating Pride Month highlights the "progress we have made as a Nation in the fight for justice, inclusion, and equality".

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