A press release from Gerald Boudreaux the Director of the Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department got me following up on information with a woman who spoke to KATC about ducks that are dying at Girard Park.

To write that Letitia Labbie is a tireless champion for birds is an understatement.

This woman really cares about all birds even though her specialty is birds of prey. She runs the Acadiana Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation, Inc. organization. She has taken in several of the sick ducks, and unfortunately several have died. They have been sent to LSU for necropsy.

The press release from Boudreaux was a simple reminder not to harm ducks that are living in the water of Girard Park. It was also a stark announcement that there is no veterinarian that is on staff with Lafayette government to help the ducks that are sick.

According to KATC, Caleb Meaux noticed something was very wrong with several of the ducks at the park. Now, Wildlife and Fisheries officials are investigating to try to figure out why the ducks are sick and why some have died.

Labbie is helping this effort as she has one duck she is tending that is in critical condition, one deck that is in quarantine and one duck that is starting to walk and stand.

Is there something neurological happening with the birds? Have they been poisoned by someone? Is there a poison getting into the water? Officials are trying to answer all of these questions.

Labbie says they still don't have the test results of the birds who have already died.

She says one of the biggest things she wants people to know is that you shouldn't try to raise a wild bird. You should contact an organization like hers. She says she has been working to help birds since she was 10 years old. She is hoping that they can determine quickly what is causing harm to the ducks so that the situation can be remedied.


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