So, I don't mind volunteering for great causes, but I am a little bit scared about my upcoming event.  Here is how the Acadiana Symphony's website describes what is going to be happening:

On the Rocks is an incredible fundraising event that is the first of its kind in Acadiana. Hosted by Acadiana Symphony Orchestra on Thursday, December 8, 2011, from 5 until 8 pm at Trynd Cafe in Downtown Lafayette, this event benefits the ASO Conservatory's Boys and Girls Club music programs that serves underprivileged children by providing free musical instruction through music lessons and classes with our highly qualified and experienced Conservatory faculty. Local celebrity DJs Steve Wiley, Bernadette Lee, Chris Logan and Chris Reed will transform into dueling bartenders, vying for tips to benefit the Boys and Girls Club music programs. The celebrity DJ bartenders will each have a specialty drink for a set price and will accept tips to try to be the winning bartender - raising the most money for this great program. Come out and enjoy some "holiday spirits" with your favorite DJs! If you can't make it, don't let that stop you from tipping!


There is even a way you can give me a tip before the event or if you can't go:

You just have to make sure you specify that you want to give the tip to me for the Acadiana Symphony's Boys and Girls program.

I am scared.  I am going up against some tough competition, Steve Wiley from our sister station KTDY ( women love him ), Chris Reed from our sister station KHXT ( his young audience worships him), and Chris Logan also from our sister station KHXT ( everyone loves him!).  So, I am nervous I won't have a good showing, but you know what?  now that I write this, who cares?  I gotta get this doesn't matter if I only get 10 bucks total for tips, I am doing something that is good and worthy!

I mean how many articles show the relationship between music and learning?  Here's just one of what I am sure, must be thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. › ... › June 2006 Monitor on Psychology

More of my thoughts on the next page:

So here is the deal, I need to put this in the right perspective, I want anyone who come to Trynd at 116 East Vermillion Street Thursday, December 8th from 5 to 8 p.m. to come and put a buck or two in my tip jar.  But, hey if no one shows up for me, it's not like I lose anything, I mean hey we get to talk on air for days about this great program and the wonderful people at Acadiana Symphony who work so hard to give a beautiful gift to underprivileged kids, so you know what?  "I'm winning!!!!"  Hahahahahha, the only time I will ever quote Charlie Sheen, and only because it's worth it for the cause.

So, I hope you have nothing to do on Thursday night and that you come up to me in the bar at Trynd, and "put bread in my jar" ( Billy Joel ) and say "man what are doing here?"  Seriously, if you want to call me a man, call me bar wench, bar keep, ugly lady, almost anything ( within reason ) I will pay attention to you, make sure you can order a drink, and then sheepishly hope that you put some money in the tip jar!!

I probably can't beat the others, but at least I know that so great kids are going to get the great gift of music, and that makes my heart sing!

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