There has been a VA Clinic in the cards for Lafayette for years.  But, why is it not being built right now?  What is the hold up?  That was the mission today for Congressman Charles Boustany and his colleague, Congressman John Culberson of Texas.  They came to hear from Veterans at a town hall in Lafayette.  Later in the afternoon, they stopped by to talk with Jeremy on the Afternoon Drive Home.

Congressman Boustany mentioned that Congressman Culberson was the chairman of the VA Appropriations Sub-committee, and that he would be able to help cut through red tape that is holding the clinic back.  Boustany said of the clinic,

We're going to get this thing done.

Culberson also mentioned how it was very important for local veterans to register now with the VA, even if they are not currently in need of medical care.  He said that this would help make the case that the area needed a clinic and would make it easier to make the case before Congress.

You can hear the complete conversation with the two Congressman below: