The Great Resignation really started during the COVID-19 pandemic and in El Paso alone, a ton of people gave their bosses the old heave-ho.

The Great Resignation was a point during which workers all over the country decided they were fed up with their work situations and Americans began quitting in droves.

COVID-19 really kicked it into high gear when zillions of people were furloughed, laid off, fired, etc, and decided they didn't really want their jobs back.

Others ... having learned to work from home and/or in less demanding, more comfortable environments ... made ultimatums like "either I keep working from home or I'm out" for example.

While it seems the Great Resignation is over, it really isn't. Especially in Texas where 3,154,000 peeps quit between January and August 2023, alone.

For many months during the pandemic, Texas had the highest number of people quitting their jobs. Last year, Texas and California traded the trophy back and forth for who was the quitting capitol of the U.S. in any given month. - wfaa

What I Think Really Sent The Most Workers Looking Elsewhere

The Great Resignation showed peeps that they, as opposed to their bosses, were the ones who really had the power.

In Texas, where we're more independent in our thinking, this hit home and Texans are still, as wfaa wrote, "not ready to quit quitting."

Where Texas' work refugees are going is hard to say, some left for more money or more freedom from "in office" confines. Others left for better creature comforts or literal "creatures" ... pet lovers who wanted pet-friendly workplaces.

Wherever they're going or whatever their motivations are, Texans are once again not letting up when it comes to getting exactly what they want.

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