As someone who is still recovering from my worst fight with the flu in my life, I find myself quite interested in any suggestion that might prevent that bug from coming back. One of the suggestions that was tossed up to me via social media had to do with the application of medicated ointment to the inside of the nose.

In this particular case, Neosporin was the ointment suggested and I have to admit on the surface it sounds like there might be some merit. Since illnesses such as the flu are transmitted via the air it would make sense that arming the nose with medicine might nip the flu bug in the bud.

However, there is a fly in this particular ointment.

Medicated creams such as Neosporin are for bacterial and fungal issues. The flu is a viral issue and I don't mean Internet viral. The basic consensus is that this won't work for that particular reason. Most of these ointments aren't recommended for internal use as well, so there's that issue to consider.

The best way to prevent the flu is still the flu shot and then a lot of hand washing. But you also need to remember this, not all viruses are the flu and a standard flu swab might not detect your medical malady as the flu. So be sure to ask your doctor specific questions about your symptoms and the treatment they are recommending.


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