Carol busted through the gates firing, taking shots at White House staffer Ben Rhodes. Rhodes serves as the Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications for U.S. President Barack Obama and is an adviser on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

Rhodes has recently been cited for misleading journalists regarding the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement.  Carol says he fits right in with the "lying" that is rampant within the Obama White House.

Warren is not Rhodes' biggest fan either. with a degree in creative writing, Rhodes is hardly qualified for his role within our nation's national security team.In the long term, Warren said the White House's tactics have done more harm than good.

The next topic the panel tackled was the hot button issue about public school bathrooms and who uses which ones. Warren said the president may withhold federal funding to school districts that fail to comply with the unisex bathroom policy.

Carol said the whole issue is a "wedge issue" scheduled just in time for the election. She said the issue will cater to such a small portion of the U.S. population (transgender people), but will affect everyone in the nation.

An Arizona law would increase the penalties imposed for blocking traffic to political rallies. The law would also prohibit colleges and universities from blocking free speech in common areas. Carol and Warren weighed in on this issue.

The Iran Parliament wants the country to demand damages from the U.S.A. for what the lawmakers call 63 years of "hostile action and crimes" against the Islamic Republic and its people. Warren and Carol agree that the suit is simply a tactic to keep Iran topical.

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