Our Wingin' It Wednesday panelists Carol Ross, Warren Caudle and Stafford Barnett tackled a number of hot topics this morning.

-LUS / LUS FIBER FOR SALE? Council is expected to discuss a prospective agreement that would have a Baton Rouge company take over some management duties for LUS. But is it for sale? The story has changed a lot since the story broke last week, but at this point, Robideaux is saying it's not for sale. (We will probably want to take calls on this topic)
- 3RD DISTRICT RACE - We now know who will challenge Clay Higgins for his seat in Congress in November. What are your initial thoughts on the field of candidates? Do you think this will be an interesting race or will Higgins easily win re-election?
- RELIEF FOR FARMERS - The White House announced a plan on Tuesday that would allocate $12 billion to farmers who fear they will have to shut down as fears of a trade war with China continues. The plan calls the relief 'temporary' and some farmers who are expected to benefit say it's just a short-term fix. Thoughts?
- SECURITY CLEARANCE REVOKED? President Trump kicked the hornets' nest again this week in the ongoing battle with officials who have been critical of him. In a tweet, he floated the idea of revoking the security clearance of several people. Some GOP lawmakers were among the first to speak out against such a decision. Paul Ryan didn't take the threat seriously saying "he's just trolling people". Do you think this could actually happen?


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