On Monday, President Barack Obama ended a decades-old policy of banning sales of U.S. weapons to Vietnam. The move has the potential to flare tempers in China due to increased tension between Vietnam and China. Did Obama make the right move to aid our former foe's military might. The panelists weigh in.

Within the boundaries of our nation's domestic affairs, Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald recently compared the time it takes for our nation's veterans to get health care within the VA's capacity to the queues at Disneyland attractions.

New Iberia Mayor Hilda Curry has requested Louisiana State Police step in to patrol the streets of New Iberia. The job has been contracted to the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office whose top dog Sheriff Louis Ackal said the request is unwarranted because crime is not rampant. The mayor and some city council members disagree. Our panelist tackle this local issue.

Outside of Acadiana, one graduating high school senior--who happened to be the school's valedictorian-- was not allowed to participate in Amite High School's graduation ceremony because he was wearing a goatee. Apparently, the Tangipahoa School Board was responsible of the "no facial hair" rule, but it was not enforced during the school year. Andrew Jones was given the option to go home and shave before the ceremony but opted not to. Rob, Bernie, Carol and Warren all chimed in on this "hairy" issue.

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