On 'Winging It Wednesday'  today when asked what the panelists thought of the $2 billion loss reported by JP Morgan Chase, Warren Caudle stated, "we don't have capitalism in this country we have evolved into corporatism, lot of us call it crony-capitalism or we're getting close to fascism were citizen own property but the government tells them what to do with it."

Panelist Mike Stagg said, "I'm of the Regan school on this.  'Trust but verify."

Carol Ross noted that President Obama said, "Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase) is one of the smartest CEO's on Wall Street." Ross said "after this I have to agree with the President."

On the next topic, Joe Biden's comments about same-sex marriage leading to President Obama's declaration of his approval of for the unions, the panel greatly disagreed on the timing and the motives of Biden.

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