Over the weekend, an individual was caught on surveillance video leaving the establishment with an item that belonged to Palmyre.

The footage shows the individual entering Palmyre, sitting near the front door, and handling the item. They then place the object beside their chair before heading to the bathroom. Upon returning, they discreetly stow the item in their bag and quickly exit.

After its Instagram post gained traction on social media, Palmyre received a call from a woman named Linda D from Virginia. Linda D claims her credit card information was stolen and used for several charges in Lafayette over the weekend. The individual involved in the theft incident at Palmyre used this card.

Palmyre shared the following update on their Instagram account:

UPDATE: Linda D from Virginia called to inform us that her card was stolen and had several charges in Lafayette over the weekend. Now we have a credit card scammer as well.

This development raises questions about what really happened in this incident. Either the real Linda D is attempting to mislead Palmyre to avoid suspicion, or the establishment is facing a dual threat of theft and credit card fraud.

Palmyre's Initial Statement

Initially, Palmyre informed its followers about the theft incident with the following statement:

We regret to inform our community of an incident that occurred this past weekend. The images and videos shared below depict an individual, identified by the card name Linda G Dupre, engaging in theft at our establishment. Unfortunately, this is part of a recurring problem that undermines the trust and integrity we strive to maintain. We established this venue with a vision of community and mutual respect, and we kindly ask for your cooperation in preserving these values.

If you have any information regarding this individual, please reach out to us directly. It’s unfortunate that we have to take these measures in order to protect our space. Thank you for your assistance in helping keep Palmyre a special place to relax and enjoy a cocktail with friends.

About The Palmyre

Palmyre is a Parisian cocktail lounge with a playful Southern twist. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, fine wines, cocktails, and delicious bites, it is a cherished spot in Lafayette. Their operating hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 3 PM to 11 PM and Friday to Saturday from 2 PM to 1 AM. You can find them at:

201 Settlers Trace Blvd. #3011, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

The Palmyre urges anyone with information regarding the individual or the credit card scam to please contact them directly.

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