There are many different things that we all have in common. Music taste, favorite foods, and sports teams all bond us together...but what about the not so good things? One of the most unfortunate commonalities we all have is bad first dates.

This woman told her terrible first date experience on Tik Tok, and it has gone viral. It is a whirlwind of a video from start to finish. She starts by saying that she drove 45 minutes to her date's house, only for him to say he lost his keys and she needed to drive. He directs her to the hottest date spot known to man....Taco Bell.

If that wasn't terrible enough, the date proceeds to order 100 tacos. They get to the window and he conveniently forgets his wallet...and she pays. Thinking that he has a plan, she agrees. He says he wants to go back to his house to eat the tacos. She was not amused, to say the least.


The second part of the video is where she says an entthusiastic "NO" to seeing his father's studio. She proceeds to gather up the rest of her tacos (that she paid for) and tells the date, "Thank you for this experience, you will NEVER see me again."

Here is her full, hilarious experience. Try not to laugh too hard.

The responses and reactions, to no one's surprise, was just as funny. This woman asked the question we were ALL thinking as soon as the story started:

We also cannot forget the tacos. She dropped some serious coin on those tacos.

People love hearing about terrible, awful, no good dates. It probably was not funny at the time to this girl, but now, she and the rest of the world are laughing together.

I am fortunate enough to not have been on a first date this bad, but there have been some stinkers. She deserves an award for continuing past where he asks her to drive after she drove 45 minutes to his house, much less purchasing 100 tacos!

The most important question I have: How many tacos do you think she left with at the end of the night?

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