Mint ice cream is totally understandable. I'll even say popcorn flavored ice cream is okay, but buffalo wing ice cream? How is that a thing?

Earlier this week Lake Effect Ice Cream in Buffalo, New York debuted their new buffalo wing flavored ice cream. I mean, if anyone is going to make buffalo wing ice cream it has to be an ice cream shop in Buffalo, NY. That just makes sense.

Now, I grew up an hour away from Buffalo, so I've had my fair share of buffalo wings and buffalo wing flavored concoctions, but never did I ever think I would see a buffalo wing ice cream.

To be fair, I have tried Tabasco ice cream at Avery Island and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Would I choose to eat it? No way, but it was cool to try. I have a feeling I'd have a similar experience with buffalo wing ice cream.

Maybe I'll  take a trip to Buffalo next time I visit my parents in Upstate New York and get me a waffle cone loaded with buffalo wing ice cream ... but probably not.

Would you try buffalo wing ice cream?



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