Reverend CL Bryant, a regular contributor to 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' checked in this morning from the NAACP Convention in Orlando, Florida to offer some comments on the George Zimmerman trial.

According to Bryant,

If Zimmerman's head was hit against the sidewalk even moderately the human instinct is to stop this immediately.  I think this is what happened.  The kid attacked him and unfortunately the kid did not go home....Zimmerman should not have gotten out of the car, maybe that's right.  Just the same it was a tragic occurrence and he (Trayvon Martin) lost his life.   But folks, we have to go from here.

Referring to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Reverend Bryant said,

It's a 'race hustler's holiday' right now.  There back in business.... If I had been in the same situation as a black man and done the same thing to Trayvon Martin he would still be dead but you would not have heard anything about the case.

When asked if the Zimmerman trial was being used to focus attention on gun control instead of race at the NAACP convention Bryant replied,

The rhetoric from the NAACP last night was just that.  It was anti-guns, it was pro-gay and pro-other things but definitely this vigilante walking around with guns marked 'open season' on black youth was the focus of the talk.

There's a lot more to this conversation including how Bryant was asked to leave the auditorium where the NAACP was meeting last night.  Listen to the interview: