On NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo started with an apology for last week's show.

According to Jaci,

Following last week's show I got a lot of text messages that said, "were you talking about me, was this a way to give me a hint?" I was even in a meeting this afternoon with a client and he said, "alright I get it". No, I wasn't gearing that toward anyone in particular. So, for anyone who sometimes that thinks...well I'm not sure if I that says something about me and the message or maybe about them and how much the world revolves about them. I'm not sure but I think it was really great but these examples I come up with, the analogies I we talk about on the air it's never targeted to single out one specific person. It's just hopefully knowledge everybody can use.

When asked if anybody had said something like 'when you said this I knew you were talking about', Russo said,

I think it's when we went through those ten points, point number three resonated with one person, point never seven resonated with another person and so because it was a good solid list everybody identified with one or two of those pieces...If they thought it was about them maybe it was and they should you know take that into account.

We asked if she had any follow-up to last weeks ten tips and Jaci replied,

Actually we have a 'one through four' this week. The 'one through four' this week are the things you need to know if the content you are sharing through social media is going to resonate or not. So if you don't have at least one of these points you can assume you are off the mark. The first thing is connection. Meaningful content provides a way for people to connect to a subject that matters to them...Originality. Meaningful content has to introduce new and original ideas. Advancement, it has to show new uses of media and has to help new mediums evolve. The fourth and probably the most vital point is depth of engagement. It's got to cause the reader or viewer to engage with and reflect on the content being presented.

You can glean a lot more information from the discussion by listening to the entire interview. Click on the blue arrow below to hear more of what Jaci had to say:

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