The Mayor of Broussard, Charles Langlinais, has sent another letter to Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel.  Langlinais says the letter is on behalf of himself, the Broussard City Council and the citizens of Broussard.  Langlinais is asking Durel to release 20 thousand dollars in fund to provide fire services to the unincorporated areas in and around the City of Broussard.

Now, city officials in Broussard say the city's fire department will continue to respond to calls in rural Lafayette Parish, but city-parish government's not paying for it, could put people at risk.

The information was contained in a letter Broussard officials sent to City-Parish President Joey Durel.  Now, Lafayette fire officials say the department can adequately serve the rural areas in question if Broussard cannot.

Durel and Langlinais have been in disagreement for some time now.  The issue got tougher when LUS ask Broussard to pay for water that the city had used.  Then, Durel said that he was planning to cut off, as the earliest legal time, service agreements with the city of Broussard.

A copy of Langlinais' letter is below: